Should We Be Drinking Milk – Depends on What Type

Why Does My Stomach Hurt?
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Cow’s milk first became popular in the 1970s with the low-fat craze. As more and more people consumed dairy, lactose intolerance surged, namely symptoms such as bloating, cramps and acne. Before long, more than 50% of the United States population could reportedly be deemed as lactose intolerant. As consumers started to experience health ramifications from drinking dairy milk, a demand for non-dairy milk came about. Progressives began championing non-dairy milk as a more sustainable food source as opposed to cow’s milk.

Toxic Drinks
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What’s more, A1 hormone levels are high in cow’s milk, whereas other animal sources such as goat’s and sheep’s milk have higher casein or A2 levels. A2 is easier to digest which means fewer complications for those with lactose intolerance and, therefore, another loss for cow’s milk. This shouldn’t leave you thinking that the non-dairy milks are without fault, though. Problems with them range from high-fat content, possible problems from increased soy intake and too many harmful toxins when consumed in high amounts.