Should We Be Drinking Milk – Depends on What Type

Should we be drinking milk? Depends on what type you are there are different answers.
Many Americans remember the promotional ad campaigns with one or two with celebrities donning those creamy white mustaches associated with the ‘drink milk’ campaign. Over the past 20 years, however, those ads have been fewer and farther between as the demand for milk has decreased by 30%.
Woman drinking milk

Non-Dairy Milk

Milk products variety

As you browse the store’s shelves nowadays, you’re sure to see milk- just not the kind that comes from cows. As the public learns more about the potential ill effects of cow’s milk; non-dairy substitutes are becoming more popular. You will see them in the form of nut, rice, hemp, soy, and rice milk. And byproducts of these like butter and cheese have also begun to appear on the market featuring these milks while replicating that same flavor and texture of their dairy counterpart.