Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

5) Kate Middleton’s wedding dress $388,008
kate middleton
It is made using fabrics, French Chantility, ivory, English Cluny lace, and white satin gazer. It was designed by Sarah burton. This is the wedding gown that Kate Middleton worn when she married William prince. This work of art from Sarah Burton is one of the priciest and loved wedding gowns in history.

4) Danasha luxury gown $1.5 million.
It is a wedding dress for the modern women. It was designed by Jad Ghandour and Danasha luxury. This wedding dress is said to never tulle, frill, and train. It is made from seventy five carats of hand picked Antwerp, diamonds from Belgium, and 250 grams of eighteen karat gold. All these components make Danasha wedding dress a very expensive artwork.

3) Peacock wedding dress $1.5 million.
peacock wedding dress
It was designed by Vera Wong. It is made of 2009 feathers from male peacocks. The completion of this dress, it requires eight artisans to stitch the feathers fully and make the dress valuable. Despite the animal rights activists flinching in horror, Wong made it into a spectacular wedding gown.

2). Yumi Katsura White Gold dress $8.5 million.
wedding dress
It was designed by a Japanese designer Yumi Katsura. It has not yet been used by any bride. It is made of white gold crafted together with the finest satin and silk. It also has a collection of precious gems. Additionally, this wedding gown is embellished with 1000 pearls and five carats of white gold diamond that are very rare. The centerpiece of this dress is an 8.8 carat of green diamond which make the whole dress more stunning than any other existing wedding gowns.

1) The diamond wedding gown $12 million.
diamond wedding dress
The diamond wedding gown- this is the most expensive wedding gown in the world costing up to 12 million dollars. It is the work of designers Master Jeweler and Renee Strauss. It was made back in the year 2006. It is crafted from 150 carats of diamond and fabrics. This gown was fast displayed at Ritz carlton Marina delray in the year 2006. It is a very modern and fashionable wedding dress in the world today.