10 Warning Signs of Fake Designer Clothing and Accessories

Not every business person out there is dealing in genuine products. Recently, more people have complained of being duped into buying fake clothing and accessories. In most cases, these predators prey on unsuspecting customers. They know all the secrets of getting people interested right before they make the big move. These type of sellers are so skilled in this game and can pick up an unsuspecting prey from a mile away. Some buyers are naturally alert hence difficult to con while others don’t pay much attention to the details. The latter is more likely to be preyed upon. There are some details to consider while shopping for a designer product. Consider these before getting into your wallet.

1. Designer Logo

10 Warning Signs of Fake Designer Clothing and Accessories
Fake product dealers mostly rely on mind tricks that easily confuse the customer. These include a designer logo that looks similar to the real deal. They switch letters of the designer name around making it hard for you to notice for instance ‘Nokla’ instead of ‘Nokia’. They might let you brush your eyes over it for a second before quickly moving on to other features.

2. An Unbelievable Price Tag

Price Tag
Cheap is expensive. If you want the real designer clothing or accessory then you probably know what they cost. If you get a dealer selling the same products at a ridiculously low price then it probably is a fake version. If you want the real deal then be willing to dig deeper in your pocket for it.

3. Location

No designer will authorize dealers to sell their products on the streets or other unsafe avenues. Genuine designers normally have their own branded physical stores and websites. Fake product dealers are commonly present in random locations for instance; alleys and streets. If it’s on the streets, it definitely is fake.

4. Quality of the Product

Fake brands
Counterfeit clothing and accessories are usually of lesser quality than the genuine versions. In this case, have a keen eye on the product. If it looks suspiciously different from the real product then trust your instinct and walk away. They try to make the fake products look as similar as the genuine ones so you should really be keen.

5. Eye on the Details

Fake clothing
If you aren’t new to designer fashion and accessories, you will immediately note the difference between genuine and fake products. The fake version has relatively poor stitching, lining and fastenings especially on clothes. The stitching mainly might be shoddy and not on a straight line. The designer logo might also be unprofessionally fixed.