Easy Steps to Stop Acne in Its Tracks

Have you ever thought about how your skin is your largest organ? Have you considered that it is perhaps the most important one because of its role in holding everything inside you together? Your skin is constantly regenerating itself, replacing old skin cells with new ones. It is possibly the most fascinating part of our body.

Easy Way to Prevent Acne

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How Healthy Are You?

Your skin is a calling card for how well you take care of yourself as well. When you eat greasy things, you skin might become oily. When you eat spicy foods, your skin might become reddened. And when you eat things with oil or high sugar content, you might end up with a pimple or acne.

A Protective Barrier

As you age, older skin cells rise to the skin’s surface and older cells die out. Dead cells build a protective layer across your face which is intended to keep you from exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses. Behind that protective layer lie your hair follicles and they produce an oil called sebum. When hairs try to grow through the skin’s surface and cannot, a blockage occurs and bacteria forms. Acne results from this.



Protecting Your Skin

Knowing that, you’re probably wondering what measures you can take to keep your skin acne-free. Probably one of the most effective things you can do to prevent acne is to wash it at least morning and night. Next, keep your hands off your face! The bacteria and oils that your hands pick up as you go about the day can only mean more for your facial skin to have to work through and that results in acne.
You also want to remember never to sleep with makeup on and make sure to use oil-free moisturizers. This keeps excess oil to a minimum. Also, do not share washcloths or makeup brushes or applicators with others- it just has the potential to transfer their skin problems to you.