15 Most Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations

What better time is there to splurge and take a trip of a lifetime than for your honeymoon? By the time you’ve finished your wedding ceremony, you probably could use a break to rejuvenate before embarking on this new chapter in your life.
honeymoon destinations
Here is our list of the 15 most luxurious locations, sure to please any number of tastes. Consider these places when planning what should be a memorable trip.

Paris, France
paris honeymoon
Known as the “City of Love,” Paris will appeal to all your senses. Choose from its famous sights, rich food, high fashion, moderate weather, and proximity to other major European cities – you cannot lose. Stay in small boutique inns or high-tech contemporary high-rises featuring restaurants and spa treatments. Paris is everything you could want from a major European city.

Seychelles honeymoon
Seychelles is just off the East African coast and is made of 115 remote islands. The islands are a favorite among Hollywood’s elite and were visited by Prince William and Kate for their honeymoon. You’ll love their unspoiled beaches, abundant wildlife, and exotic, yet relaxing private villas.

Napa Valley, California
Napa Valley honeymoon
Nestled between two Californian mountain ranges on the valley floor, this region perfect for growing grapes. These grapes become some of the world’s finest wines. Napa Valley is also the perfect locale for world-class dining and lodging. Indulge in the decadence or window shop at the quaint nearby towns.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires honeymoon
A little piece of Europe in Latin America is how many describe the charm of this Argentine capital. Learn to tango with your partner, or venture to the nearby beaches. You will find a variety of cuisines, small inns and full-service hotels to dine and stay at. Enjoy this city full of rich personality, which is evident in every neighborhood.

Monaco honeymoon
As American Grace Kelly discovered when she visited this coastal oasis in the 1950s, the French-speaking escape is the playground for the world’s rich and famous. Located on the French Riviera, Monaco features a variety of water sports, fine cuisine, and exclusive casinos. It has just about any indulgence you would care to sink your teeth into.

Maldives honeymoon
A collection of over 1,000 islands located off the southwest coast of India, Maldives is the perfect Honeymoon escape year-round. At this intersection of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, the temperature is always in the 90s. Enjoy on-the-water bungalows, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, and abundant sea life. It is the perfect backdrop for amazing gourmet dining set to picturesque sunsets.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini honeymoon
Relax on white-sand beaches bordering postcard-perfect white and blue villages built into the side of a former volcano. It is the perfect setting for catching a beautiful sunset while enjoying a freshly-caught seafood dinner. Santorini is also home to some of the most unique cave hotels, sure to heighten any romantic vacation.