10 Warning Signs of Fake Designer Clothing and Accessories

6. Presence of the Logo

clothing logos
Some counterfeit products do not even have the designer logo on them. The design, color, shape and every other single detail might be similar to the original but the Logo might be missing. Insist on the logo.

7. Mode of Packaging

fake packing
The major difference between genuine and fake products is the packaging. Designer stores will package the purchased product in boxes and branded gift bags. On the other hand, fake ones bought on the streets will simply be thrown in plastic bags.

8. Dealer Authorization

store with cloth
When you come across a seller dealing in designer products, ask them if they are authorized to be selling the product on behalf of the company. Go further and ask for proof. If they appear suspicious or try to evade your questions, they probably aren’t authorized dealers and their products are probably fake.

9. Proof of purchase

reciept cloth
Just like any other store, ask the dealer if they provide receipts after one buys their products. If there are no receipts involved then the products are definitely fake. Such dealers avoid gaining leverage with the consumers. Once the money has been exchanged for the product, they wish for no further association.

10. Place of Manufacture

store with cloth
Some countries are best known for producing counterfeit products for instance China. Therefore, when purchasing a product, ensure that you check the label for the product details and ensure that it reads well. You can perform a little background check prior to shopping so as to be well informed before buying.

Fake products were initially introduced to the market for buyers who couldn’t afford the real genuine product. They were well aware that the products were fake but nowadays the business has been extended to unsuspecting customers. Be on the look out and insist on buying from genuine designer stores.