Coca Cola: Is It Safe to Drink?

Quickly Convert Your Sugar to Fat

Coca-Cola is low fat, but consuming it could make you fat. At the 20 minute mark, your blood sugar spikes and you begin to experience a sort of insulin burst which in turn causes your liver to start turning sugar into fat.

The Buzz Effect
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By the time you’re 40 minutes post-consumption, your body’s consumed all the caffeine it’s going to from the Coca-Cola.
You are now probably realizing it because of your noticeably larger pupils, higher blood pressure and wired feeling that just won’t let you even think about sleep.
You’re probably feeling no different than someone who has consumed recreational drugs.

Nutrient Killer
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Finally, at the 60-minute point, the diuretic effects of consuming caffeine are probably becoming more noticeable as the calcium, magnesium, and zinc that was in your body begins to rapidly leave with your urine. This is one of the reason’s you start experiencing a sugar crash at this stage.
You’re also probably dehydrated which causes fatigue. What’s worse – chronic consumption of Cola-Cola and other similar beverages ultimately results in metabolic diseases like diabetes and heart