10 Veggies That Burn Belly Fat

Look Alive with a Deadlift
deadlift exercise

A deadlift is a deceptively simple exercise that will bring you great results. To do this, hold a weight in front of your body, slowly lowering from your waist with your back straight. Then, slowly stand up again.

The important thing to remember- do not lock your knees – also, keep your gaze forward to safeguard your back. This will build up your muscles for a great looking transition from your hamstrings to your butt. Repeat 12-15 times, increasing the weight as you gain strength.

Bring On the Stairs
stairs exercise

If you have a set of stairs in your house, you already have all the equipment you need for this fat-blasting exercise. Bleachers or even a block to step up on will also work great. This exercise is great cardio and does wonders for everything waist down.

When climbing stairs, try to take them two at a time. This is so you can better target the muscles in your butt. Otherwise, you may find yourself targeting your leg muscles more. While that is great for your thighs, it won’t get your the big, round butt that you are looking for. Spend about five minutes climbing stairs to really get your heart rate up and your muscles working hard.