10 Ways to Boost Your Complexion with Food

6.Protect Against UV light 
UV light can be quite dangerous- especially since it can lead to skin cancer.  Our bodies have natural SPF to protect us from most levels of UV rays, but it is increasingly becoming not enough.  A diet that boosts the skin’s ability to filter out UV rays protects the skin from damage and keeps it from developing tumors and cancers.
Foods especially good for UV protection include cooked tomatoes, (thanks to their lycopene), kale, and green tea.

7.Keep Skin Tight 
soy products
As your skin ages, it loses elasticity. This is natural; however even nature has ‘hacks’.  You can fight the signs of aging by increasing your daily intake of soy.
Aglycone, (found naturally in roasted soybeans and tofu), has been proven to improve skin elasticity and reduce the fine lines that eventually become wrinkles. How does it work?  It preserves the natural collagen in our skin, helping it do its job of holding back wrinkles longer.

8.Shrink Crow’s Feet
green peppers
Why crows think they deserve a spot around our eyes will perhaps be a mystery of mankind for years. In the meanwhile, nature has left us with ways to keep these unsightly wrinkles off of our faces.
Green and yellow vegetables, such as green peppers and squash, can reduce tiny wrinkles when eaten daily. This may be due to their many antioxidants.  Whatever it is, it works; so pull out the olive oil and sauté your way to beautiful skin.

9.Regenerate Skin Cells
Cooked pumpkin
Did you know that your skin cells are constantly regenerating? It’s true, but how often this occurs depends on how healthy your skin is.  Your body uses Vitamin A to grow new cells, and when there isn’t enough to go around; your complexion may begin to suffer.
Cooked pumpkin is a awesome source of vitamin A. This is due to its beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin A in our bodies. Perhaps there was a reason why Cinderella traveled to the Ball in a giant pumpkin, after all?

10.Keep Your Skin Youthful 
Healthy skin is well –moisturized, and that moisture comes from within. Chronically dry skin not only looks bad, it can also lead to serious disorders, such as eczema. But before you grab the latest facial cream, try eating walnuts.
Walnuts are special because they have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which is typically found in fish. If you aren’t a fan of the aquatic food or are looking for omega 3 options, try snacking on walnuts.