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Looks Funny But Works
walking lunges

Walking lunges are another great exercise that can be done anywhere, whether you’re talking on the phone in your living room or going for a walk around the block. The only difference between these and standard lunges are that you move forward constantly. Sure, you may look strange while you are doing your walking lunges – but just remember the end goal.

Walking Lunges
walking lunges dumbells

To do this exercise, take wide strides and lunge while walking – to better target the gluteus. Pay attention to make sure you have great form on each lunge down. Make sure you can see your toes, (by keeping your knees back), and keep your thighs parallel to the floor. Take at least 15 lunges on each side, alternating legs as if you are walking.

If you need an extra challenge, add dumbbells for added resistance and strength building. This exercise is great for when you are out for a run and want to take a break for some strength building.